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Westwood Pavilion

The Westwood Pavilion is located at 7230 Oak Bluff Dr.

The Pavilion is available for use from dawn to dusk and offers:

  • A Large Covered Area (available to rent for your private events)
  • Basketball Goals
  • Near By Picnic Tables
  • Near By Playground

Visit the Gallery to view pictures of the Pavilion


Pavilion rules:

  1. Westwood Landowners are to have their Westwood Recreation ID with them when using the Pavilion.
  2. Westwood Landowners are limited to 5 guests per household, and the Landowner must accompany guests.
  3. Hours are from dawn till dusk. No activity is allowed after dark.
  4. No weapons of any kind.
  5. No skateboarding is allowed.
  6. No lewd behavior.
  7. No alcoholic beverages
  8. No glitter
  9. No water balloons

Reserving the Pavilion for Private Events:

The pavilion is also available for rental year-round to residents of Westwood.

If you are considering renting the Pavilion please note the following:

  • There is an additional indemnity release that must be signed when renting the Pavilion.
  • Must have a current Westwood Recreation ID Card
  • Pavilion rental charges are as follows: $150.00 ($50.00 Fee) ($100.00 Deposit).
  • Pavilion rental is booked and paid in advance through the Westwood office.

Pavilion Rental Forms are available at the office and on the website.  To obtain a Pavilion Rental Form on the website, from the Home Page go to COMMUNITY INFO > FORMS and select Pavilion Rental Form.