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Jennifer Eckhart is a resident in the neighboring community, Sendera Ranch.  She has been working on drainage and flooding issues in our area for some time now.  Jennifer has a website, http://mocotxfloods.com/, designed for people to submit their experiences with seeking help from the county.

Jennifer’s goal with this website is to gather as many people’s story as possible to prove how widespread our issues are, to our area politicians. She hopes to use this information to fight for help.

The Westwood LOA is sharing this information to help support this effort to collect the many stories people in Westwood have regarding the challenges they faced when seeking help from Montgomery County for drainage and/or flooding concerns.

The following is from the Contact tab on http://mocotxfloods.com/.


Share Your Concern

Please send your story about attempts to get the help you needed from Montgomery County Government regarding drainage and flooding issues with your property in Montgomery County, Texas.

Please include as much detail as possible, such as dates of issues, who was contacted and when, any responses and pictures.

Send the information to:  mystory@mocotxfloods.com or

click the “Share Your Story” tab to input directly to the site.
The goal is to show how widespread and common our water related issues are across Montgomery County.


Please direct any questions regarding http://mocotxfloods.com/ directly to Jennifer Eckhart at mystory@mocotxfloods.com.