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Updated 4/08/2019


Contacting Local Law Enforcement:

  • For Emergencies call 911
  • For non-Emergencies call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department at (936) 760-5800.  The Sheriff’s Department will dispatch a Sheriff’s Deputy or Precinct 5 Constable to respond to your call.


Westwood Newsletters

Westwood newsletters have returned in March, 2019.  Newsletters will be published quarterly in March, June, September and December.  All issues will be published to this website and can be found on the Newsletters Page.  Click on Newsletters in the top right corner on the Home Page.


2019 Pool Season

Westwood’s pool season always revolves around the Magnolia Independent School District’s school year, since we primarily employ students to be our pool monitors. The 2019 Pool Season will begin on Saturday, May 25th. It will end on Monday, September 2nd, Labor Day Weekend. The pool will be open daily while school is out, and will be open weekends only after the first day of school, August 14th. Pool hours are 10am—8pm.


Have You Paid Your Annual Fees?

Have you paid your 2018 annual maintenance fees? This year, the invoices went out with the ballots for the election, so you may have accidentally misplaced yours. If you have not paid or are unsure, please contact the office at 936-321-1414 and we will be happy to assist you.


Opportunities To Become A Member of the Board of Directors

The WWLOA Board of Directors is looking to fill the open Member-at-Large position.

Contact the office if you would like to be considered for this position on the WWLOA Board of Directors.

More information is available on this websites BLOG page under the post: Opportunity to become a member of the WWLOA Board of Directors


Contacting your Westwood Deed Restrictions Exploration Committee

The following email address has been established for landowners to contact the Deed Restrictions Exploration Committee (DREC) with any questions or concerns about the current deed restrictions for each section:


The DREC is seeking landowners’ input on changes they would like to see to our current deed restrictions that were written back in the late 1970’s.

The deed restrictions for each section may be found on this website. From the Home Page go to: COMMUNITY INFO > DOCUMENTS & FORMS

Please note, this email address is NOT for reporting deed restriction violations.  These reports should continue to be communicated to the WWLOA office at 936-321-1414 or office@westwoodloa.org.

Also, the DREC will be meeting the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.  The meetings will be held at the WWLOA office meeting room.  Please plan to attend the meetings if you would like to learn more about the DREC, join the DREC and/or have something you would like to discuss in person.


Contacting your Westwood Drainage Committee:

The following email addresses have been established for landowners to contact the Drainage Committee directly with any questions or concerns related to drainage in our neighborhood.

For Section 1 & 2:   drainage_sec1_2@westwoodloa.org

For Section 3 & 4:   drainage_sec3_4@westwoodloa.org

If you do not have access to email you can contact the WWLOA office, at 936-321-1414, with your drainage question and / or concern, along with your contact information, and the office will submit an email on your behalf.


Outdoor Burning:

To obtain current information on Outdoor Burning, Burn Ban and Burning Permits in Montgomery County, please contact the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office at 936-538-8288.

Click the link below for information on Outdoor Burning (page 6 is specific to Montgomery County):



WWLOA Meetings:

Regular monthly meetings, open to all members, are held on the 2​nd Thursday of each January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November, in each year.  An agenda is provided before the meeting.  Meetings are held at 7:00 PM at the WWLOA office meeting room.

An annual meeting of the members is held on the second Saturday of June in each year.  Annual meetings are for electing Directors and the transaction of other business as may come before the meeting. The location and time for the annual meeting is posted in the agenda provided prior to the meeting.

Quarterly meetings of the members are held on the 2​nd Thursday of each March, September and December in each year.  The quarterly members meeting is a time for all members of the WWLOA to come before the Board of Directors and bring up any concerns or topics that they want to discuss.  Meetings are held at 7:00 PM at the WWLOA office meeting room.

Special meeting of the Members may be called at any time by the majority vote of the Board, or by not less than one-tenth (1/10​th​) of the members.  The location and time of special meetings is posted in the agenda provided prior to the meeting. Only the business stated or indicated in the agenda may be conducted at the special meeting


WWLOA Email Distribution:

The WWLOA office regularly emails announcements and notices such as upcoming meeting agendas to landowners.  If you are not receiving these emails, and would like to, please notify the WWLOA office and provide your email address by any of the following methods:

• Call the office at 936-321-1414
• Email the office at office@westwoodloa.org
• Select CONTACT US on the website’s Home Page and enter the requested information
• Visit the office at 406 Mackintosh Drive


New Revised Bylaws Effective 8/10/2018

Click on the link below to view the Bylaws effective 08/10/2018:

WWLOA Bylaws – 08_10_2018


The First Amendment to the Section 4 Deed Restrictions is Effective.

This Amendment to the Section 4 Deed Restrictions allows for metal buildings, meeting the criteria in the amendment, in section 4.  The Amendment was filed with Montgomery County and is effective July 19, 2018.

Click the link below to view the First Amendment to the Section 4 Deed Restrictions:

WW Sec 4 Deed Restrictions First Amendment Effective 07_19_2018


Community Groups:

The WWLOA Board is organizing Community Groups to help support our neighborhood.  Sign-up sheets for each Committee were available at the 2018 Annual Meeting.  If you would like to join one of the Committees please contact the WWLOA office at (936) 321-1414 with your contact information and the Committee you would like to join.

Click the link below for a list of Committees:

Westwood LOA Community Groups


WWLOA 2018 Board of Directors Election.

Click the link below to view the 2018 Election Results.

WWLOA 2018 Board of Directors Election Results


Questions about Invoices for Maintenance Fees 2018.

Click the link below to view WWLOA Notice Letter from Board.

Updated WWLOA Letter regarding invoices for 2018