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For Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4
Replace Article 9 FENCES AND PLANTS with the following:


All fences require Architectural Control Committee approval prior to construction.

All fences shall be wood, chain link, vinyl or wrought iron. Construction and installation shall follow the requirements outlined in the Architectural Control Committee Guidelines and Standards in effect and on file with the County at the time of construction.

Fences may be constructed in the utility easements. The Utility Company may remove the fence to gain access if needed. The cost of removal and replacement will be the landowners’ responsibility.

Fences shall not impede natural water flow for drainage. No fence shall be located on or over any part of an established drainage easement shown on the Plats on file with the county.

No fence shall be located between the Street and the Building Line as shown on the Plats on file with the county.

Fences on residential lots shall not exceed 8 ft. in height, unless it is along the property line shared with a commercial lot in which case privacy fences up to 10 ft. in height are permitted. Commercial lot owners are required to have a 10 ft. privacy fence along the property line shared with residential lots.

Fences shall be maintained so as to appear neat and presentable at all times.

No vegetation shall encroach on a fence owned by a neighboring landowner.