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The Westwood Deed Restrictions Exploration Committee (DREC) met on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, at 7 p.m., in the WWLOA meeting room.

This meeting was to:
1. Request that all interested landowners read the current Deed Restrictions;
2. Inform landowners that there is an e-mail address (drec@westwood.org) created by WWLOA Board Secretary, Mike Pidatella, for the Committee to receive all concerns and/or suggestions that landowners desire to keep, edit, or remove any current Deed Restrictions, and advise that the Committee will share those concerns and suggestions in the following Committee meeting each month, or those suggestions can be requested by e-mail if a landowner cannot attend a meeting.
3. It was recommended that ALL suggestions that are not governed by county, state, or federal law be addressed in any petition so that no landowner feels slighted. Below is a list of the suggestions to date.
4. It was recommended that any suggestions include the reason why a suggestion is made so landowners will have a clear understanding which might influence the landowners’ opinion of such suggestion
5. It was suggested that one landowner from each block obtain signatures when it is time for the petition to be signed, thus not burdening a few with this task, and also have a petition in the office for those landowners who want to sign there.
6. The Deed Restrictions of each of the 4 Sections were compared, noting differences.
7. The Committee’s plans were outlined, which is to obtain all suggestions from all interested Westwood landowners, define and detail each suggestion, and draft a petition for the Westwood Landowners’ attorney’s review and recommendations for proper and legal incorporation into an amendment to the Deed Restrictions. The petition will then be ready for the landowners’ vote after incorporation of any input from the attorney.
8. It was requested that the DREC focus on defining and detailing the Nuisance clause at the next meeting.
9. The DREC decided that there will be no meeting in December because of the holidays; the next DREC meeting will be January 8.

1. Allow metal buildings
2. Allow chickens
3. Prohibit parking on grass
4. Combine the Deed Restrictions of all Westwood sections
5. Allow front yard fences
6. Nuisances
7. Ban burning
8. Address the fines for violations in the Deed Restrictions
9. Amend the Amendment to the Deed Restrictions of Section 4 to define the size of metal buildings allowed
10. No vegetation shall encroach on a fence owned by a neighbor.