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Mr. Charlie Riley:

My name is Merritt Thomas and I am one of the Co-chairs of the drainage committee for Westwood LOA. Over the past few months, our LOA and the committee have been working to address the various flooding concerns of our combined Westwood subdivision sections and have had both meetings and communications with you regarding the issues.

This email is to bring to your attention that during the storms that hit the area over the weekend, specifically on Saturday Sept 29 from around 8am to 10am, we had flooding again. All the flooding was in the same areas that we’ve brought to your attention previously. We had roads flooded over in a number of areas, such as Weisenger, Nickaburr Creek Rd, Sugarbush, Riverwood Drive, Lotus and Westwood Drive North. We almost had houses get flooded in these areas from the rain and we are still collecting information on impact from our residents.

I also want to bring to your attention that while doing research on this weekends rain event, it was reported that we only received approx. .75 inches of rain within about 1.5 hours. In total, we received roughly 2.5 to 3 inches of rain within a 72 hour period. Here is a link to one of the many station reports that I looked up: https://www.wunderground.com/history/daily/us/tx/magnolia/KTXMAGNO80/date/2018-9-29

The Houston/Galveston National Weather Service archives show approx. .83 observed value at IAH.

What happened on Saturday was not a significant rainfall event. It is very hard to understand how less than an inch of rain over this period of time left us with at least half a dozen roads flooded over, Nickaburr creek well out of its banks covering Riverwood Drive and Nickaburr Creek Road as well as so many areas with water well over their yards, driveways and into garages.

I am attaching some of the more relevant photos that were taken by various residents and sent to our committee. This is not all the pictures that we’ve received and I expect to get many more over the next few days.

We really need your help and leadership on how we can address these issues. We have many residents who are very concerned that their homes are not only in danger of flooding again from a weekend rain storm but that their homes values will be greatly impacted due to this flooding.

We have recommendations and/or requests that we have documented and will send to you, once we have completed our reviews with the LOA. However, most of the issues are the ones we have addressed with you previously. If you have any current plans, actions OR recommendations that we can consider immediately to address the flooding, we would appreciate your response.

As I receive additional photos and reports, I will pass those along to help reinforce our situation. Please feel free to contact me directly via reply or my direct email: (email omitted in blog posting).


Merritt Thomas, Westwood Drainage Committee Co-chair